Saturday, 09 January 2016

MEDIA, SERVICE PROVIDERS Germany Martinstraße 42-44 73728 Esslingen Baden-Württemberg Germany

Developed by one of the first ecological inspection boards in Germany, ABCERT is an innovative provider of certification services that is synonymous with skill, reliability and independence.
Over 100 skilled employees deliver efficient, flexible and prompt customer care.
Successful branches in Germany, Italy and Czech Republic and many satisfied customers in Russian-speaking countries are confirmation of the specialized expertise of ABCERT inside and outside the European Union.
Our accreditation according to the EN 45011 standard is proof of ABCERT’s neutral and objective status.

This has brought considerable dividends. Over 10,000 customers already put their trust in certification by ABCERT, and the numbers are rising.

Ackerhelden GmbH

Saturday, 09 January 2016

MEDIA, SERVICE PROVIDERS Germany Rellinghauser Straße 111 45128 Essen Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany

ACOB - Brazilian Association of Organic Coffees

Saturday, 09 January 2016

MEDIA, SERVICE PROVIDERS Brazil Adelino Martins 358, sala E205 13087-601 Campinas Brazil

Agentur Ritt GmbH: Beratung und Qualitätsmanagement

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

MEDIA, SERVICE PROVIDERS Austria Anton-Hanl-Straße 8d 3300 Amstetten Austria

Agrarmarkt Austria Marketing GesmbH

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

MEDIA, SERVICE PROVIDERS Austria Dresdner Straße 68 a 1200 Wien Austria

Agrarmarkt Austria Marketing is responsible for carrying out all agricultural marketing across Austria. Alongside the promotion of agricultural marketing, its role includes the following:

Instituting quality improvement measures. These include developing and applying quality guidelines for agricultural products and the processed products derived from them.

Applying classic techniques in advertising, sales promotion and PR, with the objective to make people aware of the significance of the quality and freshness of foodstuffs, and of their origins. In doing so, the goal is to promote sales of agricultural produce.

The AMA seal ensures that foodstuffs can be traced to their source. In addition, products that carry this symbol meet the highest quality standards. Farmers, processing plants and retailers must conform to strict regulations, which are monitored by independent testing centres.

Only organically produced foodstuffs may carry the AMA organic seal. The red and white design, with "Austria" identified as the source, guarantees that the raw materials originate in Austria, and that they have been handled and processed inland.

The black and white version does not indicate the source of organic raw materials.

Agri Life

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

MEDIA, SERVICE PROVIDERS India Plot No.154/A5-1, SVCIE, IDA Bollaram, Medak Dist. 502 325 Telangana (Hyderabad) India

Agri Life is research based Bio Solutions company based at Hyderabad, India. The Company is focused on bio solutions for crops, soils, animals, humans and environment. Botanical origin BioPesticides, Microbial origin BioPesticides, BioFertilizers, and Bio Agri Inputs are the products of Agri Life. 85 Bio-Agri Inputs produced by Agri Life have been certified as “Approved for use in Organic Farming”

"RADOSOM" - the in-house R&D Centre of the Group Company is recognized by Government of India, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Technology. RADOSOM and has been doing research work on Bio-Agri Inputs that can be safely used in Organic Farming.


Tuesday, 12 January 2016

MEDIA, SERVICE PROVIDERS Italy Loc. S. Sebastiano, 1 12050 Cissone (CN) Italy

Agri.Bio.Piemonte O.N.L.U.S is an association that works in the field of organic and biodynamic farming since May 1991 with over 1000 members. The strategy of the association is based on five points: technical assistance, professional training, trade, certification and publishing.

  1. Technical assistance in organic and biodynamic agriculture to the farmers.
  2. Professional training organization specialized in organic and biodynamic agriculture.
  3. Diffusion of news from the world of Italian organic and biodynamic agriculture through our website and our monthly newsletter AgriBioNotizie.
  4. Commercialization of organic and biodynamic products, organic seeds, biodynamic preparations, humus, technical equipment, alimentary products through our e-commerce site .
  5. Printing books, CD and video through Agri.Bio Edizioni.
  6. Preparation and sale of all biodynamic preparations.
  7. AGRIBIODINAMICA certification.


Sunday, 02 September 2018

MEDIA, SERVICE PROVIDERS Italy Via Generale Cappa 45 12063 Dogliani (CN)

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