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Spezie e miscele di spezie. Tisane singole o miscele. Olio d'oliva aromatizzato.


Sunday, 02 September 2018

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à la eco AB

Saturday, 09 January 2016

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Saturday, 09 January 2016

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A.D. Chini s.r.l. was founded in 1988 by Mr. Danilo Chini in Cles, a small villag in a beautiful valley in Trentino - South Tyrol, named Valle di Non. This valley is sorrounded by the beautiful Dolomites and it's a perfect scenario for the activity of our Company. A.D. Chini started producing healthy snacks, with excellent fresh fruit selections. All started with our "Persecche", typical thin dried slices of apple. Later our production became wider: mousse, fruit bars and several other products. In January 2014 we started with an organic line for products like fruit puree and apple chips and now we'll present you our Organic Fruit Bar. Our Mission is to deliver top quality healthy products, with no adittives, no added sugar, no preservatives. We produce top quality products derived from apple from Trentino - South Tyrol only (Km 0).


Saturday, 09 January 2016

GROCERY PRODUCTS COOKING AND BAKING Germany Vilstalstraße 88 92245 Kümmersbruck Germany

AcanChia – Modern Food with Long Tradition

The company name is derived from the years of experience and expertise (cultivation, research, development and sales) with plant-derived raw materials especially chia seeds. The addition Acan is originated from the Nahuatl language of the descendants of the Aztecs. Here the term “acan quenami” means something healthy and whole, without flaws. Acan in the company name AcanChia expresses that the cultivation of high quality food – especially chia seeds – has top priority. Simultaneously the term honors the efforts of the indigenous population in Latin America for the preservation and the production of valuable food. We stress that we adapt together these food to the requirements of modern times – with respect to cultivation, quality and product development.

AcanChia in Kümmersbruck is an international oriented company with partners and activities all over the world.

AcanChia is especialized in high quality plant derived materials from Latin-America that can be used for the production of food.

AcanChia is following the principles of sustainable resource management and fair trade.

AcanChia is a certified importer according to EU-regulations for organic agriculture.

AcanChia provides, tests and develops modern foods with a long tradition to provide consumers with high-quality foods in order to retain their vitality and health.

AcanChia´s competences:

  • Longtime experience in trading with plant derived materials from Latin-America for the markets in Asia and Europe (emphasis on gluten-free, organic and fair trade products)
  • Control of the production at place in Latin-America by personnel of the AcanChia team
  • Worldwide contacts with food-trading companies and industry
  • Organic certified, own brand AcanChia (own product development and marketing)
  • Expertise and international cooperation in research and development to improve cultivation and quality of the products as well as development of new products
  • Uninterrupted availability of the plant derived materials
  • Quality management of the plant derived materials
  • AcanChia provides transparency and reliability for cultivation, processing, distribution and processing of import transactions

Services and products of AcanChia:

  1. Sourcing of plant derived products from Latin-America

Pseudocereals, herbal teas and others: e.g. amaranth, quinoa, lemon verbena

  1. Processing of those materials and development of finished products (own brands and white labels) with special emphasis in organic and fair production
  2. Marketing of high-quality food (“superfoods”), focus on organic products like AcanChia

Plant derived materials and products are the basis for a modern, diversified and healthy nutrition.

Accura Organic Foods

Saturday, 09 January 2016

GROCERY PRODUCTS COOKING AND BAKING India 122, Village Karai Dist. 382355 Gandhinagar India

ACCURAOrganicFoods (established in 2003) has developed into preliminary supplier of specific organic food ingredients and feed products. Our product contributes nutrition, flavor and taste to the food industry. Due to such unique market orientation, ACCURA has become the clear market leader in the supply of Organic products such as:

  1. Hulled sesame
  2. Natural sesame
  3. Flax seed (linseed)
  4. Safflower seed
  5. Soybeans
  6. Amaranth
  7. Mustard (yellow)
  8. Fenugreek
  9. Dill seed

Our established growing program with farmers & suppliers allows us to control the supply chain of raw material from planting to delivery at our facility. Our processing facility is certified by IFS, BRCandOrganicstandards with capabilities inclusive of:


It is our mission to treat our customers & suppliers with honesty and respect. Our commitment to provide industry with high quality, sustainable and safe food product. We will endeavor daily to supply our customers with competitive price through creative services. By these means, we will contribute sustainable and safe agriculture.


The way we check our raw materials and ongoing process makes our product safe and guarantee full traceability entirely complying with the recent food laws and client demands. Our in-house laboratory is capable to test physical & microbial parameters. An unique sampling and lot creation method makes us confident until our products get delivered to the clients.

Aceites de Semillas, S.A.

Saturday, 09 January 2016

GROCERY PRODUCTS COOKING AND BAKING Spain Priorat, s/n - P.I. La Borda 08140 Caldes de Montbui Spain

Aceites de Semillas, S.A. is a company with 100% Spanish capital founded in Caldes de Montbui (Barcelona) in Catalonia / Spain in 1949. The processing plant is located in the same area, 35 km from Barcelona where its offices are located.

Aceites de Semillas, S.A. is an old hand supplier with years of experience in the crushing process of edible oilseed to obtain vegetable oils and oilseed expeller cakes for animal feed. We produce regularly rapeseed, corn, flaxseed, sunflower and soya oils to supply a wide array of final clients that include foodstuffs, animal products and chemical oils. We also commercialise vegetable oils and raw material for animal feed.

We are located in the Vallès Oriental, 35 Km from the Barcelona port and 10 Km from Granollers and the A7 highway to France. This exceptional location facilitates our logistics: our raw material supply and our finished product sales to the national market, as well as import and export.

Aceites de Semillas, S.A. owns a fleet of 20 ISO tank containers for the food grade industry, which allow us to operate in intermodal traffic, and DDP conditions for the Southern Europe and Mediterranean import and export markets.

In 2003 we started processing Organic oilseeds from Organic Agriculture, mainly soya, sunflower and rapeseed. We commercialise all our production in the Spanish and EU markets. We have all the required certifications by the CCPAE (Catalan Council of Ecological Agricultural Production) in accordance with CEE 2092/91 regulations.

Aceites de Semillas, S.A. is a founding member of the APECPAE, The Association of Producers, Manufacturers, and Commercializers of Organic Agri-food Products of Catalonia.

Acetificio Andrea Milano Srl

Saturday, 09 January 2016

GROCERY PRODUCTS COOKING AND BAKING Italy Corso Protopisani 91 80146 Napoli Italy

The vinegar company Acetificio A. Milano s.r.l. was established in 1889 and nowadays it is one of the main and oldest Italian factories, which perform in the vinegar-making field. The more than one century old experience goes with all productions, both the large scale industrial ones and the small scale specially brewed fine ones, combining technology and tradition, technique and skill.

The head production site is in Naples, close by the port and the junction of the main highways. The factory located in Modena represents the pride of the production of the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. The one century old oak casks, made of valuable wood, allow us to manage the complex aging process according to traditional methods, which are handed over from father to son.

Wine Vinegar, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Flavoured Vinegars and condiments, Glaze, Vino Cotto, Apple Vinegar, a complete Organic line make up our products range, which are offered in different formats and packaging, in order to satisfy the needs of all kinds of palates, even the most refined ones.

The production of Colourless Wine Vinegar for the pickling industry represents another interesting channel for the sale and the distribution.

The company is certified against the international product standard BRC – Global Standard for Food Safety . The production processes of the organic line comply with the organic production methods, which are orderly by the CE Regulation n. 834/07 and CCPB certified. Halal certification have been recently issued by the Islamic Centre of Milano.

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