Abou Walid Group

Saturday, 09 January 2016

DETERGENTS, CLEANING MATERIALS/AGENTS Tunisia 7 Rue Amilcar 1000 Tunis Tunisia

The Group has extensive experience in producing all grades of olive oils (organic olive oil, olive oil, conventional oil, refined olive pomace, ...), as in Tunisia and abroad, with a commercial service with a team of people mastering several languages​​, formed to meet the needs of each client.

Abou Walid Group has invested in the processing industry of the olive tree.

In addition to its large capacity oil mills for crushing the olives, the Group invested in a unit extraction residue oil, a refinery for olive oil and vegetable oil and a soap-based oils olive and vegetable oils.

ABOU WALID Group works to provide the highest quality and the pleased degree of customer satisfaction. That is why the Group is focusing on understanding and identifying current and future needs of its customers, while striving to exceed their expectations through the Quality Department.

We recognize that quality is not only an objective but also a constant. Our commitment to this idea is extended to all activity: relationships with employees, suppliers, customers and partners.


Al Ahram Herbs Co.

Monday, 18 January 2016

DETERGENTS, CLEANING MATERIALS/AGENTS Egypt 6th October Ramo City, Administrative Building 2 (A) Office (203) Gia Governorate Egypt

Alahram Herbs Company the main producer, supplier, processor of preparation, packaging, exporting of Herbs, Spices, Seeds, Medicinal, aromatic plants and organic herbs in Egypt.
The company was established in 1970 in Al Fayoum by the father of Dr. Ahmed Fathy which had a major role in the introduction of cultivation of some medicinal plants in Al Fayoum.
In 2003 the company started transforming 60% of its land area into organic agriculture (Free of pesticides) conforming to the highest international standards.
In 2007 Dr. Ahmed Fathy expanded his business and established a new factory in the industrial zone in kom Oshim at Al Fayoum.
The factory prepared with the latest equipments and machines which able to produce products with high quality.
Establishing analysis laboratory for all coming products inside the factory.
Alahram Herbs Company holds ISO 9001:2008, ECOA EU Organic certificate, ECOA NOP Organic certificate and U.S. FDA Registration No.:12087615728.
We have filled traceability system, which allows to us to trace every shipment to its source.


Wednesday, 20 January 2016

DETERGENTS, CLEANING MATERIALS/AGENTS Germany Talstraße 2 73650 Winterbach Baden-Württemberg Germany

In harmony with men and nature
The principle to produce all products in harmony with men and nature determines our daily action.

With the selection of high quality ecological products, the consistent consideration of human health as well as with the continuous optimisation of the washing and cleaning results we take over the responsibility for our guideline every day.

We develop our products by ourselves in order to meet this requirement permanently. We work closely with our customers in order to implement the requirements and necessities.

In addition ecological development competence, innovation power and economic action of our employees guarantee an excellent price/performance ratio.

Altogether a fruitful formula for success.

The ecological quality of our products is certified by CERTISYS and are awarded with the eco-guaranty seal.

The ingredients of our products remain of natural origin. Plants and minerals are the basis, coming from controlled biological cultivation as possible and always in harmony with the needs of human skin – a harmonious ensemble of men and nature.

Almacabio GmbH

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

DETERGENTS, CLEANING MATERIALS/AGENTS Italy Via Josef Ressel 2F 39100 Bolzano (BZ) Italy

Aryan International

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

DETERGENTS, CLEANING MATERIALS/AGENTS India F-58, Radhey Mohan Drive Jonapur 110 047 New Delhi India

Aryan International a name known for bringing Organic Product from remote corners in India to the likes of few who are willing to contribute towards the social upliftment of society, conserved by Mother Nature for generations.

3500 farmers and 13100 hectares of Organic land are being managed by ARYAN Group, despite from having its own processing plant, wherein we process and pack our range of commodities. Keeping into account unprecedented quality standards.

The Company's efforts in Contract Farming, Processing and Exporting have been certified under EU 834/2007, USDA - NOP and JAS Standards.

On the other hand keeping in mind the global needs of Organic Products in today's hectic & stressful life, the company also conducts informative programmes on sustainable agriculture, good farming practice & post harvest management techniques for farmers at its Organic Project locations, which in turn also educates the farmers regarding their work.

The company's secret of success is undoubtedly its superior standard of quality, its control of supply chain and its genuine commitment to customers, Today Aryan has a reputation of being the most reliable Indian Supply chain partner for Global Buyers, with offices at various locations in India & Overseas.

"Aryan International believes in creating a better and HEALTHY India by using the gift of Mother Nature without making any alterations in them. The company believes in bringing genuine and quality products to its customers. As every big dream is achieved with many small hands , the company wants to extend a hand towards you in order to work with you wherein both the companies can utilize each other's expertise and make a difference altogether"

Austria Bio Garantie (ABG) GmbH

Thursday, 18 February 2016

DETERGENTS, CLEANING MATERIALS/AGENTS Austria Königsbrunner Straße 8 2202 Enzersfeld Austria

Austria Bio Garantie - Austria`s leading inspection body for organic products

We are your partner for certification of organic products in Austria as well as in International destinations!


  • 10.700 contractors covering farmers
  • 1.300 processors
  • International projects

Stages of success

  • 1994: recognition by the food safety authority of each province in Austria
  • 1998: accreditation of the ABG by the Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth (ISO 17065, before EN 45011)
  • 2008: Implementation of easy-Cert. A central platform for certificates.
  • 2010: Locations in Romania, Croatia and Bulgaria

International Top, too!

Cooperations with the leading inspection authorities in Europe and good international contacts make us perfect partners for international trading with organic food.

Baule Volante S.R.L.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

DETERGENTS, CLEANING MATERIALS/AGENTS Italy Via Achille Marabini, 8 40013 Castelmaggiore Bologna Italy

The deep convinction that organic farming is the only sustainable for the environment and human health, the idea of life in harmony with nature: these are the principles that inspired in 1987 the birth of Baule Volante, and still today, enriched and strengthened, drive business growth. In twenty-five years, Baule Volante has become a leader Company in the specialized Italian organic market with over 3.500 customers, most of whom are natural and health food stores, and with 7.000 square meters of warehouse and offices, which today employs about 45 people. Baule Volante has a range of over 3.500 items, of which more than 540 of its brand, range that includes organic and fair-trade foods, certified products for personal care and household cleaning. The strict selection of raw materials, the constant search for new products and the consistency with the organic choices allowed the Company to become a point of reference for the whole organic world and is synonymous with reliability and quality.

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