Monday, 18 January 2016

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Al Ahram Herbs Co.

Monday, 18 January 2016

HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES/GOODS Egypt 6th October Ramo City, Administrative Building 2 (A) Office (203) Gia Governorate Egypt

Alahram Herbs Company the main producer, supplier, processor of preparation, packaging, exporting of Herbs, Spices, Seeds, Medicinal, aromatic plants and organic herbs in Egypt.
The company was established in 1970 in Al Fayoum by the father of Dr. Ahmed Fathy which had a major role in the introduction of cultivation of some medicinal plants in Al Fayoum.
In 2003 the company started transforming 60% of its land area into organic agriculture (Free of pesticides) conforming to the highest international standards.
In 2007 Dr. Ahmed Fathy expanded his business and established a new factory in the industrial zone in kom Oshim at Al Fayoum.
The factory prepared with the latest equipments and machines which able to produce products with high quality.
Establishing analysis laboratory for all coming products inside the factory.
Alahram Herbs Company holds ISO 9001:2008, ECOA EU Organic certificate, ECOA NOP Organic certificate and U.S. FDA Registration No.:12087615728.
We have filled traceability system, which allows to us to trace every shipment to its source.


Sunday, 07 February 2016

HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES/GOODS Brazil Travessa Rod. Luiz Eduardo Magachaes km 02n° 71 48890-000 Petrolina Brazil

Arche Naturprodukte GmbH

Sunday, 07 February 2016

HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES/GOODS Germany Liebigstraße 5a 40721 Hilden Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany

Bio Futura B.V.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES/GOODS Netherlands Van Nelle Weg 1, Unit 19 3044 BC Rotterdam Netherlands

Bio Strohhalme GmbH

Thursday, 07 April 2016

HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES/GOODS Germany Heubergweg 13 83064 Raubling Bayern Germany

Our Mission – becoming “innovation leader” for sustainable and premium-quality straws

and, we care as much about the people using our straws as about our product itself.

While asking for a drinking straw one usually expects a plastic straw. Given this, we started nearly 3,5 years ago to explore the origin of the natural straw and how to bring it back into use.

Straws are articles of daily use, worth only a few cents, used only once and then thrown away.

In Germany alone an estimated 40 billion straws are being wasted a year - in the US even 500 mio straws a day – thus producing around 25.000 tons plastic debris per year which generates around 3.750 tons CO2 when incinerated.

And, the manufacturing of 1 ton polypropylene straws releases around 2000kg CO2 and consumes about 2000 kg raw oil.

Our alternative: the naturally and biologically grown straw (rye) - BIO-STRAW

Our organically farmed Bio-rye and its further processing is substantially contributing to securing the livelihood of our domestic biological agronomy- all this without the need of additional cropland as our natural BIO-STRAW is gained out of those parts of the rye-harvest that are usually being destroyed.

Our bio-seeds originate from companies that are certified by “Bioland” and with each planting we are testing year-by-year different and new breeds to receive the “optimal” straw. Our “Straw-manufacturing” is thereby cooperating with small and traditional companies who are for decade’s experienced organic farmers. Together with them we are passionately developing our sustainable, stylish and premium-quality straws.

Sorting and further processing by hand such as cutting and packaging of the straws are outsourced to local Bavarian sheltered workshops/workplaces for handicapped people.

Who buys Bio-straws?

Sustainability is meanwhile more than just a trend: it became a generally accepted lifestyle also in rather traditional areas. Thus, we have been able to acquire as customers not only health food stores but also restaurants, hotels, bars and coffee-shops as well as sustainability-oriented online shops, advertising media agencies, beverage industry etc.

And of course we are also supplying private customers through our online shop

Innovation and new products

Over the last two years we have painstakingly searched the market for further sustainable alternatives to the plastic straw and came across the “Paper Straw” which we are going to present at the BIO-Fach fair in Nuremberg in January both as straight but also as flexible version.

The paper straw is obtainable in various designs and colors, can be imprinted with customer logos, ranges pricewise between plastic and natural bio straw and is therefore an attractive alternative for those companies who so far hesitated to change to sustainability due to the costs.


Saturday, 16 April 2016

HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES/GOODS Austria Au 173 3040 Neulengbach Austria

Burbuliukas & Co UAB

Monday, 26 December 2016

HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES/GOODS Lithuania Pusaloto g.76 35135 Panevezys Lithuania

Founded in 1995, Burbuliukas ir Co operates in the area of wellness and healthy living. The company manufactures water ionisers with a unique structure that uses electrolysis to transform the properties of regular water.

Burbuliukas ir Co is a pioneer of electrochemical activation both in Lithuania and Western Europe. It has a wealth of experience and knowledge in this field. All of the company’s devices are patented and certified. Only environmentally-friendly materials are used in their production, making them safe to use.

The water ionisers manufactured by Burbuliukas ir Co UAB are the only devices of their kind that can also produce silvered water!

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